Crewe Hall Continental Suite

This is a lovely sized room with a separate bar area and another large space at the bar area which is ideal for say a photo booth.
The ground floor room is one Wishes Wedding DJ had the pleasure of providing  services for recently.

Set Up Crewe Hall Continental Suite before guests arrive 2014

Set Up Crewe Hall Continental Suite before guests arrive 2016


In the picture above you can see how our set up looked at the start of proceedings and from the pictures below  from the first dance and from there on after the dancefloor was full!

Simon & Kim Wishes wedding DJ Crewe hall Continental Suite July 2014

Custom Mixes for special Songs.

Wishes worked with the client and the Bridegrooms request for a customised Stag dance. The Bridegroom and his friends had danced to two particular tunes on the stag night.
One song (which is a little long winded) and a second song (which has a slow build up) so mixing these two tracks to create a custom mix that they could practice to  and perform on the big day to create the wow factor and special moment was something requested at the client meeting .
Not a problem.
Stag Dance Crewe Hall wishes wedding DJ

The bridegroom  was delighted with the mix and so were all the quests. Just another example of Wishes Wedding Dj’s commitment of listening and making your wishes come true.

Now the boring part.

For this room, as it is so large, I advise the use of not only high quality speakers but Subs too. This will ensure high quality sound as this room is large with high ceilings and many sound systems will simply sound tinny without the use of subs.
Using subs means that it will sound great at all volume levels.
This is the sort of thing wishes simply sorts for you so you do not have to worry that it will sound great.

Because of Wishes tailored approach, you can simply not worry and enjoy a fun good party, Wishes Wedding DJ knows what equipment best suits the event for the size of the room and chooses the appropriate equipment from our arsenal.
As you can see from the photographs The equipment wishes uses is smart, tidy, safe and professional. We or course have equipment that is PAT tested and we provide PLI certification to venues as in this case where Crewe Hall requested our insurance certification which we were pleased to provide.


Stag Dance at Crewe Hall Wishes Wedding DJ


I try NOT to focus on the equipment i use, you can be assured I use quality equipment. I let the results of what i use do the talking! The results can be seen as testimonials and pictures of full dance floors. In conclusion if you want a great wedding party at the continental suite simply book Wishes Wedding DJ.


Full Dance floor Crewe Hall Mobile Wedding DJ


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Wishes Wedding DJ New Card 2014


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