Starlit & Stunning Dancefloors

Starlit dance floors in white or black  can create that wow factor making your first dance pictures look stunning forever or how about a classic chessboard design?

Wishes wedding Dj  supplies only the best  dancefloors for your special day,They are installed by experts and all our LED Dance Floors have individual connectors underneath to each panel this means the panels are more reliable and look stunning every time, some less expensive systems are not as reliable, its this attention to detail and real care in what Wishes does and supplies over making a larger profit that makes Wishes stand out, and why so many choose Wishes wedding DJ.
As you can see these floors are simply stunning.

Black dancefloors Starlit  twinkle light Dance floors for wedding DJ Manchester


Set Up Crewe Hall Continental Suite before guests arrive 2014 small
White starlit dancefloor LED twinkle star light Dance Floor Wedding DJ Manchester Prices for Dancefloors do vary depending on the size needed for the size of the venue and the amount of guests expected.

Please contact me by phone On 07804923502 or Email me! to discuss your needs and wishes, or for a FREE quote please click Here

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